Published April 28, 2021

My name is Henrik Karlberg and I’m an Artist and Free Speech advocate from the Finnish Archipelago. I belong to the Swedish minority group in Finland. I’m chronically ill and have not earned a single cent in fifteen years. For over a decade I’ve been mercilessly violated, and my life is now in danger. This letter is the hardest I’ve ever written, as my life depends on it.


I’m fighting a life or death war for Free Speech against the Finnish nation, exposing systematic oppression, injustice, corruption and double standards where no one thought it existed. I have uncovered the secret key to unlock what will possibly become the biggest political scandal in Finnish history.

What you will witness next is a vicious and sadistic cover-up scheme by a corrupted state, where Free Speech, Media Freedom, Art Freedom and Human Rights are voided in complete secrecy. This is how power erases the past and rewrites history.

After six years of abusive police investigations and various actions of force, I have during the last year, in a case about my Artistic Expression, been Imprisoned, Prosecuted and Convicted to cruel and unusual penalties for criminal defamation in a Secret Trial, in a kangaroo court, completely hidden from public scrutiny. I was denied every fundamental right to a fair, public, equal and impartial trial. The same outrageous verdict was rubberstamped on my wife. Nothing in this secret process withstands impartial scrutiny.
The government is desperate to destroy my life, erase me and eradicate all traces. The situation is absurd and surreal, beyond belief. The terror is never-ending. Case after case is fabricated against me and I’m under continuous investigation and surveillance. Penalties of almost 200.000 Euro have already been foreclosed. It’s breaking and bankrupting me. There is no limit to what the government can do to abuse you, when it’s done in full secrecy.

The case is unique – it’s the first time an Artist is persecuted to this extent, for his Art and Expressions, and for courageously standing up for Free Speech, in Finland. The government has seized everything I’ve ever created, about 500.000 copyrighted works, and everything will be destroyed. This is extreme Art fuck, Finland style, cold as hell. Mortification of an Artist and an internationally prestigious Art Genre, deemed Degenerate Art by the totalitarian Finnish government.

If Finnish journalists would write, investigate and expose the truth about the case they would face arrest and imprisonment. Unfortunately, I’m the sole guardian of this story, and I fear for my life (this is the cross I’ll die on). This nation neither obeys the law nor accepts correction; truth has disappeared, it has vanished from their lips.

Free Speech is the most fundamental right. Without Free Speech all other rights and freedoms disappear and die. This is clearly evident in my case. My Human Rights, Freedoms, Liberties and legitimate interests have been voided in total secrecy. I’ve become a nonperson, burned and erased, as if I’ve never existed.

This is a tragic real-life horror-thriller, where Finland acts as a tyrant ruling through fraud and force, covering up violations and erasing the past, while upkeeping a picture-perfect fake facade, deceiving both the public and the international community.

Combine Kafka’s “The Trial”, Orwell’s “1984”, Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” with Passolini’s “Salò” and you get a sense of the inexpressible nightmare that has become my reality. This demonic degradation and dehumanisation could clinically be identifiable as extreme sado-narcissistic and psychopathic abuse.

Like a ravaging narcissist, Finland provides evidence of its own wrongdoings. Finland’s gross violations of the most fundamental universal core principles are obviously intentional, premeditated and profoundly blatant, and executed for maximal carnage. The Finnish government and judiciary have lost their humanity, and they have become no better than a Mischief of Rats, covered in blood, dirt and excrement.

Just see what they will do next, to suppress Free Speech!

The government’s grave violations damage the Finnish democracy and Finland’s international reputation. The State is responsible for all governmental actions, and the ultimate responsibility is on the President and the Prime Minister.

Finland must immediately react and stop this unlawful behaviour, restore the situation and repair the damage. If the direction does not quickly change, and rapid measures to stop the violations are implemented, we must demand that the President, Prime Minister and Government of Finland be removed from office, and that new elections be announced in the country. A government whose character is marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. An open democratic society must submit itself to scrutiny.

URGENT ACTION NEEDED – call for an International intervention! Address the alarming situation! Demand full transparency! Demand Finland to immediately bring its actions into compliance with international Human Rights standards, as well as all other national and international standards. Demand actions, not words or promises. Finland is a role model. The demands and expectations upon a state like Finland should be set extremely high. Condemn the secrecy, oppression and power abuse, and call on the government to hold those responsible to account!

One of the simplest and most effective tools to coerce a criminal state into respecting international obligations is shame. Bring Finland’s violations into the public and shame Finland’s government! Express vivid protest and concern publicly! Share this with everyone. Create Wikipedia pages, in different languages, and fight to keep them updated with truthful information. Actively monitor and report on the case! Request that the Finnish state guarantees and protects the individual health and safety for me and my wife. More suggestions for Action can be found at the end of the letter (in APPENDIX A).

Finland is gaming the system, exploiting Your trust. Call their royal-bluff. Normal diplomacy will not cut it here. This diabolical Cabal is beyond any normal apprehension. From history You can learn that the theoretically civilised Finnish government always has had a proclivity for malevolence and discrimination. Here are some facts that Finland prefers to hide:

A) The 1918 purge, domestic revenge executions of thousands of children, women and men, without trial, and then whitewashing this in history. B) Sending back the Jewish refugees in 1938 to a certain death, in order to “preserve the culture”. C) The 1941 vengeful execution, without trial, of Arndt Pekurinen, a peaceful pacifist, though even Einstein had pledged for his freedom. D) Finland was the only democracy in the world to voluntarily join forces with Hitler’s Nazi-Germany. E) Finland violated the peace agreement with the Soviet Union, for revenge. F) Finland handed over Jews to Nazi-Germany, but concealed and distorted it. G) Finland voluntarily gathered a Finnish Waffen-SS Nazi-battalion, of around 1500-3000 men, some of the most brutal and fanatical Nazi soldiers. The Finnish government has 1999 honoured and commemorated these war criminals’ memory with a monument. H) The swastika is still an integral part of some of the highest honours and the President’s standard. I) Another atrocious ethnic purge; the hidden genocide of about 20.000 “non-Finns” in Finnish concentration camps during the war.

This letter is knowledge about action. Actions, not words, define what Finland believes. Don’t trust the Finnish government. Don’t let Finland do anything in secrecy! The future of a functioning democracy in Finland depends on complete transparency and accountability, as well as on International Justice.

This is a real test of Media Freedom, Art Freedom and Freedom of Expression in the European Union. I’m an accomplished Artist, one of the leading in my field. I’m expressing things no one else dares to express in Finland. I undress and uncover. I show the bare and naked truth, what simply is. This is my Freedom and Right as an Artist, and also my Moral Responsibility.

Never forget that Art is the Lion, never to be caged.

The systematic oppression continues. The hatred I encounter is beyond belief. Frankly, I don’t see many options for Finland; either they have to take responsibility, stop the violations, face the consequences, and repair the damage – or have me killed. My life is not safe.

This may be the last and only chance I have to share my Legacy with You. The information is extensive (I strive for accuracy), and I hope You find the time to read it (min. 25 minutes). Even though Finland ruthlessly massacres my mind, body, soul and spirit, I have tried to report the information from a very clinical, legal perspective, rather than an emotional one.

Please redistribute this letter to everyone! I’m grateful for Your support!


The governmental abuse started 2014 as a retaliation in response to my whistleblower complaints about abuse, corruption and inequality on the highest level in the Finnish society. I was perceived as a threat to Finland’s “image”.

My police complaints were valid and provable, and concerned leading companies, leading persons and Public Personas. These had exploited my work for years, to a significant value of about 1 Million Euro, without any compensation or credit to the author. My works had been misused in thousands, and could be found everywhere, including all major Finnish media. Why would leading companies and public personas be above the law?

In the end of March 2014 I additionally filed complaints to the Finnish Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board, against three Copyright Attorneys (record numbers: 15014, 15114 and 15214/15514).

These persons were leading Copyright lawyers in Finland, known for creating significant precedents through close cooperation with the justice system, for drafting legislation and driving legislative initiatives. The Attorneys were also involved in Artist and Creative Organisations. Two of them did also represent the biggest software alliance in the world, known for very aggressive tactics. The multi-billion-dollar Copyright industry is, by the way, the only industry that has gotten the police to enforce their rules on their behalf. The Copyright industry is also one of the most corrupt industries. Copyright lawyers are generally considered unduly aggressive, parasitic and at times examples of the worst kind of lawyering. They use any means to get what they want.

My concern with especially one of the Copyright Attorneys (who no longer is an Attorney) was that he, because of obvious personal reasons, and strong commercial ties, had overstepped and misused his power, position and network to abuse the system and to gain unfair advantage, personal winning and malevolent revenge, while covering up wrongdoings and conflict of interest, in a toxic narcissistic way.

My complaints apparently hit the bull’s eye. One week after my complaint to the Bar Association, the Police started a hasty criminal investigation against me, and surprisingly against my wife as well. All details were kept secret from me; the secret police refused to give out any information at all. The opponents revenge-complaints were apparently frivolous and vexatious, made with a corrupt and malicious intent, but were nevertheless accorded number one priority and urgency by the state. The tangle of corruption started with the prosecutor and police. They systematically abused public funds to unfairly favour and protect my opponent, while working tirelessly to oppress, silence and destroy me.

My complaints, on the other hand, were covered up and classified. My main complaint disappeared completely. I was practically dehumanized, and my Freedoms and Rights were turned into Slavery and Liability. My opponents seemed to have immunity, as they remained unscratched and even were rewarded. The police did not respect my Freedom of Expression or Art Freedom, nor my Copyright.

The Freedom of Expression is protected by the Finnish Constitution (§12), and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Artistic Freedom is explicitly protected by the Finnish Constitution (§16). There are no restrictions, limitations or limits to Artistic Freedom in Finnish law. The Freedom is endless. My Copyright is strictly protected by International Treaties, European Union legislation and national law.

These are Core Freedoms and Rights in our democratic society, and the government is by law obliged to protect the Artists and their Rights against any abuse or violations. A state is legally bound to act in accordance with international customary law, and follow any international treaty it has signed and ratified. Obligations must be respected (pacta sunt servanda, Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties).

The European Court of Human Rights has stressed on numerous occasions that Freedom of Expression constitutes “one of the essential foundations of a democratic society”, and that “it is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favorably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population”.

I wrote to the Finnish President, Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice (find my letter, and the President’s reply letter, on, making them all aware of the fact that Finland violates its own Constitution and International Treaties, and demanded this to stop.

The result was the opposite, the abuse escalated.

It may be worth mentioning that the President is also a Lawyer, and as such a colleague to aforementioned top Lawyers. Another troublesome issue, in my opinion, is that the First Lady seems to consociate with people who have misused my work.

The criminal justice system was being misused for political reasons. It became clear Finland’s violations are wilful and sanctioned by the highest order of command. The President, the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice are all aware of the situation. The State is responsible for all governmental actions, and the ultimate responsibility is on the President and the Prime Minister.

For many years I was subjected to this constant pattern of covert power abuse, harassment and discrimination, exhausting to a degree that my spirit was merely a ghost. The Police Misconduct and Prosecutorial Misconduct has been unbelievable. There were also physical surveillance and black op activities; hacking of phones, computers, home security systems and my high tech car, which started to act like a psychopathic lunatic (it required a complete software reinstall by the car factory, as the first they’d ever encountered). Everything in my life was scrutinised to the smallest detail. Like Cardinal Richelieu, France’s most ruthless and narcissistic statesman, said: “Give me six lines written by the most honest man, and I will find something there to hang him”.

This political repression destroys your self-esteem, your feelings of well-being and safety, your creativity and your confidence and courage. It violates and damages you mentally, physically, financially and reputationally.

There is no limit to what the government can do in order to keep abusing, controlling and punishing you, when it can be done in full secrecy. Governments have the power to destroy individuals.


What started with the police investigations continued with governmental harassment, such as arrest and a brutal home search resulting in considerable property damages. There was unlawful state sanctioned censorship of my Artistic Works, removal of thousands of works throughout the years, ruling “in absentia” in unsummoned secret trial, and subsequent state foreclosure of almost 10.000 Euro for still unknown reasons. All this escalated into a Secret Kafkaesque Process, surreal and malevolent beyond belief, unprecedented in the contemporary Western World, at least in non-fiction.

In November 2019 things really started to explode.

The following five carefully planned, scripted, staged and executed events took place, all coordinated with military precision by the Finnish state.


First, me and my wife were arrested, 16 November 2019, in our neighborhood grocery store, on a European Arrest Warrant stating we are fleeing a secret trial. “That’s strange” I thought, as we had not been summoned to any trials, nor travelled anywhere for 2.5 years, a fact I could easily have proved with continuous shopping receipts and daily digital photos of my home and meticulously manicured garden, but I never got the chance.

The government had deliberately neglected to summon me to the trial, in the required legal way. That was clear governmental misconduct. Then the government dared to blame me for their own incompetence and wrongdoings, and arrest me. It was very obvious that they had other abusive intentions.

The police treated us like slum-dogs, in a neo-fascist manner, as me and my wife belong to the Swedish minority group, hated by the despotic Finnish police.

I have physical disabilities restricting my movements. I am slow. The police ripped my clothes off by force and kept me in an empty cell for four days. They took away my medical wrist and back supports. I have an auto-immune illness and need critical medication, and I must keep impeccable hygiene. The police denied me the right to medication. They yelled at me and threw my food on the floor while laughing. I cannot bend to or reach the floor. I met an ambulance nurse, but the police clearly and explicitly instructed him not to give me any medical care. He only took my temperature, and then they left and laughed at me. At that point I had no idea they would keep me imprisoned. They didn’t give me any information.

I was however always calm and reasonable, not difficult in any way.

On top of being one of the most eccentric Artists, and a reclusive outsider, I’m also a true Gentleman, respectful and diplomatic, having schmoozed with Dignitaries all my life.


Second, I was unlawfully imprisoned, as was my wife, in Turku Maximum Security Prison for one month pre-trial. Flight risk they falsely claimed, contra all evidence. They should have let me go free. The government had not summoned me to the trial. A travel ban, house arrest, ankle monitor or open prison would also have been available alternatives. Deprivation of liberty is the ultimate criminal sanction in Finland, designed to break the human spirit. It’s the harshest, most extreme measure possible.

Suddenly and unexpectedly I was number 5373. That was my prison identification number.

This arbitrary arrest and unjustified pre-trial imprisonment violated my right to Liberty, my right to a Fair Trial and the presumption of Innocence. I was dominated and silenced, as there is no Free Speech or communication in prison. In this way the government restricted the public’s knowledge, and by that they also restricted Your speech and thoughts.

The prison was a real bad-ass place, at first a shocking experience for an autoimmune-ill, partly disabled, fragile person like me. My section mates were killers and drug traffickers, giant in size, and also big fans of my Artistic Work, as everybody seems to be, I learned.

I had no prior criminal record – not even a speeding fine from before (I drive a Volvo). I was completely clean. Flawless. Suddenly I was chained up and gagged. I was a Prisoner of Conscience, a Political Prisoner, imprisoned for my thoughts, opinions and expressions – and for challenging the mentality and the status quo.

Finland’s assault on my core freedoms, and spirit, was traumatic, and the government bullheadedly withheld my critical prescription medicine and medical care for ten days, obviously trying to kill me. Many people, including two priests, and my lawyer pleaded repeatedly to the Prison Warden on my behalf. Ten days without critical medication is an insanely long time. Finland is a cruel and heartless nation, with one goal – their ultimate logic is my elimination.

I was weak and in shock, and had no access to my defence material. It was impossible to prepare a defence, nor could I reach out for any help or support. I was not sure I would survive until the trial. I could barely keep my head up. The narrow jail cell was very cold, increasing my chronic inflammatory joint pain (arthritis) and unremitting back pain (lumbar Spinal Fusion etc.). My weight was only 55 kg, and I’m 185 cm tall (6’10).

When I finally was allowed to meet a real nurse, after 10 or 11 days, she was empathetic and compassionate (the prior inaction wasn’t her fault), and she diligently arranged for my medical care and medication. In general, many of the prison guards were surprisingly humane, and the inmates were interesting and respectful, countless of them being victims of gross injustice and police brutality. I was told the system has devious ways to further punish you in prison; they withhold your medical care and they prevent you from contacting your family.

I was not allowed to communicate with my wife. My wife and I have a very warm and loving relationship, and we have been together, day and night, for over 25 years. During the entire one month prison detention we were kept totally apart, and all our attempts to communicate were inhumanely denied, on strict secret orders by the police, totally unjustified since the investigation was finished years ago. They even confiscated the letters I tried to mail her. This was psychological torture, as I didn’t even know what had happened to her.

My wife has also health problems and a heart disease. I was afraid she was dead or killed.
My wife has nothing to do with the political theatre we were thrown into. To include my wife is just a vicious oppressive governmental tactic, a pitiful revenge and a means of extortion, as she had wealth and income. My wife has been my caregiver, as I am seriously ill, and it’s entirely thanks to her love and generosity that I have lived a good life, despite obstacles and no income. I’ve been blessed with an abundance of grace and unconditional love – and I love my wife with all my heart. She is one of the sweetest and kindest persons in the world, altruistic and philanthropic. She should be rewarded and respected, not punished by a society. I’m utmost displeased and distressed with the unbearable sufferings the malevolent Finnish government has caused her.


Third, there was a carefully scripted and executed media smear campaign to devalue me and to cover up the real matter, which is Free Speech and Art Freedom. One side controlled the narrative, with gaslighting and lies, creating smokescreens, mob mentality and prejudice in the public, typical tactics in cover-ups. The victimizers became the victims. The truth was silenced and misinformation amplified. As Plato said: “Those who tell the stories rule society”.

People tend to trust authorities, without questioning them. I was pointed out and pictured as an imprisoned criminal in tabloids and populist media.

Smear campaigns are a typical weapon of narcissists and psychopaths. The government’s fictitious and fraudulent narrative was based on lies, cognitive biases and fallacies, such as circular reasoning, appeal to authority, guilt by association and ad hominem arguments. This was character assassination. No factual information about the case was released, everything was kept top secret.

Everyone rushed to judgment without proper information. My reputation and credibility was damaged and destroyed.

Every person should be presumed innocent unless proven guilty following a Fair and Public Trial. It was clear the trial would be anything but fair in my case. My innocence was taken away from me. This presumption of guilt is a denial of International Human Rights, and prevails when due process is absent.

No journalist has ever told my view of the story. The watchdog journalists are groping in the dark, because of the government’s totalitarian methods to suppress information. A journalist disseminating truthful information about this case would face arrest and imprisonment.


Fourth, in order to rewrite history and suppress all defence evidence and Art by force, the police brutally conducted two days of house searches confiscating all my Art Works, my defence material, 10 computers, over 60 external storage devices, and all digital possessions (for example every e-mail I have written or received in my entire life).

This was on the 9th and 10th of December 2019, a couple of days before the Secret Trial began. I remember how horrific and surreal the situation felt. Like savages raping you from behind, they hold you tight and do whatever they want. They raped my life, my soul, my home. They stole all my Art.

The government is going to eradicate and pulverize everything, in cold blood.
The police even confiscated a magnitude of key defence evidence and documents that were in my Lawyers possession, protected by Legal Professional Privilege.

The police also confiscated the defence I almost had finished in prison, as well as all Confidential and Privileged digital files and documents (plus a computer) my Lawyer had brought to me in prison. The rights to Equality of Arms, a Fair chance to present a Defence, and Guarantee of Confidential Communication with Counsel, were all brutally violated.

I lost my defence and my archive of hundreds of thousands of Artistic Works.

As an Artist, I work mainly with Fine Art Photography. I’m not sure exactly how many works I had in my archive, but I believe it should be somewhere between 300.000 and 500.000 copyrighted digital works, possibly even more.

I lost everything I’ve ever created, an invaluable Cultural Treasure, works that certainly would define the prevailing era in the years to come. I lost my hope, I was erased.

And there were still more brutal violations:

On 9 December 2019 the police installed Surveillance Equipment in my home. They monitor and record my private home 24/7 (and also listen in to my privileged conversations with my lawyer). Finland brutally violates my Privacy, another fundamental Human Right, one of the very core values. Surveillance in private homes is regarded illegal in Finland, but for some reason a couple of “special permits” are granted every year, in total secrecy.

While installing the surveillance devices, the incompetent police totally messed up the advanced electrical system of my home. This eventually led to a life-threatening electrical fire, that could have burned down the house, and killed me and my wife, while we were asleep. Was that perhaps the government’s secret goal (after all it’s a classic way to clean up and get rid of people and traces)? Still today half of the electrics are dead, including the heating system.

At the police station, the police recorded voice samples of me and my wife, for the surveillance. They also took DNA samples, blood samples, fingerprints and hand prints. While I was detained in prison, the police copied my home keys, in order to be able to enter my home whenever they want to, which they also have done, on multiple occasions.


Fifth and finally, the secret trial began on the 12th of December 2019 in Turku District Court. I was chronically ill, a living dead, depleted of energy but still alive. The empty and locked courtroom was dominated in secret supremacy by one judge who in every aspect could be the führer’s distant cousin. Never in my entire life have I faced such hatred and contempt.

This was a terrifying bloodbath. All my rights and freedoms were voided and ignored. I was no longer human, just a worthless slave.

I was not allowed to communicate with my beloved wife in any way. I was not allowed to defend myself, ask questions, cross-examine or submit key evidence. The judge dismissed everything. The court’s arrogant ignorance, profound apathy and disregard for facts, context, evidence, rights, freedoms, legal principles, laws and legally binding international treaties was blatant. It was a real Artist-hunt before a court that preferred imaginary deeds to actual evidence, and that aggressively would execute innocent Artists.

The false and inherently implausible allegations, inconsequential lies and dubious fabricated claims were so ludicrous they would be the shame of the century, would anyone hear them. The prosecutor didn’t present any admissible evidence. This was clearly just a theatre, a kangaroo court. The conflict of interest was evident. Elementary research and a transparent process would easily have exposed it all.

The allegations were so absurd and unlawful that even a child, using common sense, would have been able to successfully counter argue everything, not to mention what a reasonable and awake public would have done, given a chance to scrutinize the case. Public scrutiny would immediately have exposed the government’s scam.

The preposterous abusage of secrecy is, in itself, indisputable evidence that the public, and the international community, would never approve of the government’s conduct.

Criminal defamation laws are easily abused. This process preserves injustice and serves no one else but the elite’s selfish interests. The truth would expose double standards and inequality.

It’s also crucial to discern that the criminal investigation had been wrongly conducted. Furthermore, criminal statute of limitations should have prohibited prosecution, as alleged crimes had expired. I have, during my life, lived in many different countries. There are specific procedures that must be followed in transnational criminal investigations. The Finnish police has no jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes abroad. Consequently, as the state has failed to conduct proper criminal investigation, and the whole act is an unconstitutional exercise, a Finnish court can have no jurisdiction. The court ignored these evident facts and acted entitled to violate the rules.

All common abusive and toxic narcissistic traits and tactics were visible in court. These are, for example: victim playing, scapegoating, gaslighting, lying, distorting reality, manipulating, falsely projecting their own wrongdoings, beating to prosecution, covering up, self-centeredness, irresponsibility, aggressiveness, rage, volatility, control, possessiveness, deception, secrecy etc. Narcissists take credit and give blame. Their lies are unverifiable and inconsequential, but plausible. They want to dominate and control you and your assets, by any means. They act superior and entitled. They make you feel helpless, hopeless and worthless. They are hateful monsters without empathy, conscience or self-esteem. They are hypersensitive to critique. They are psychotically offended and insulted by anything and everything. They present a perfect, shining facade, as image is everything to them. These charming Hypocrites are skilled experts on deceit and can fool even the most experienced professionals.

Everything was just a distraction from the real issues; Free Speech, Art Freedom, a Corrupt Judiciary and Power Abuse.

What was extraordinarily scary though was the fact that the sado-narcissism was both individual and collective. The legal system had become a corrupt tool for the elite pursuing a personal agenda, lacking all forms of legal certainty, clarity, transparency, open justice, public scrutiny, fair trial, rule of law, or protection of lawful rights and legitimate interests. This was a mockery of the Rule of Law.

The key to this abuse is complete Secrecy. To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed. In darkness they can do whatever they want. No one is watching, no one is holding them responsible. Power without transparency and accountability is tyranny.
The arbitrarily ever-changing indictment, plaintiffs, hearings, verdict and all the documents were classified top secret for the maximum time, 65 years I believe. Additionally the process was used in a sneaky way to classify thousands of works and documents concerning me, my life and my Art. Practically everything about my life may be secret now, I have no idea? Any ‘wrongly’ expressed words, during the rest of my life, could put me in prison for years. They confined me in a silence worse than death.

I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws and there is no evidence against me. My Artistic Creation is completely legal and respectable. My purpose is Art. The Artistic Freedom, the Freedom of Expression and the right to property are constitutional. I am an Artist, not a criminal. Art is not a crime.

I have consistently denied every accusation and allegation. Despite all obstacles my lawyer managed to present a defence so strong there could be no reasonable doubt about my innocence, as well as no doubt about the vengeful malevolence of my opponent.


Nevertheless, after many agonising delays, the verdict came on the 26th of March 2020. I was sentenced for criminal defamation to outrageously cruel and unusual penalties, breaking all Finnish records by far: 1 year 2 months conditional imprisonment, plus the 1 month pre-trial imprisonment, plus 60 hours community service and additionally the court ordered me to pay almost 170.000 Euro penalties and sanctions. I was also sentenced for violation of privacy for the exact same allegations, which according to Finnish law and precedents should not be possible, as these actions are contradictory, opposites.

In order to achieve total dominance and maximal malevolence, the court rubberstamped the exact same outrageous verdict on my wife. The government wanted to steal her life-savings and assets, and reward our abusers, as I have nothing to take.

These are cruel and unusual punishments, based on hatred. As comparison, the normal sentence in defamation cases in Finland is a trivial fine, a few hundred Euro to pay, according to the official Finnish guidelines for courts.

To further inflate the smokescreen and devalue me, the judge published a biased and fraudulent media statement, with more gaslighting and lies, villainizing me and my wife, using the harshness of the punishment as a circular reasoning fallacy, in combination with appeal to authority.

The media statement was the only thing made public in the whole trial. The State controlled both the narrative and the process, while I was not allowed to say anything, or defend myself in public. That is not Free Speech or Fair Trial. The smokescreen may fool lackadaisical enquiries, but it will not withstand thorough public and international scrutiny.

As I have no income, I was entitled to a free legal counsel. The court appointed a defence lawyer, who I’m truly grateful for. He was a real hero and did a fantastic job. The court however, in a hateful attempt to sabotage and cut off the only help and support I had received so far, refused to compensate him in full. My lawyer got paid only for the hours that he attended trial hearings (which was about 1/3 of his already modest bill).

The secret trial transcripts were personally written by the judge, to fit the agenda and support the desired outcome and cover-up, distorting and leaving out arguments and facts, particularly the plethora of facts that emerged to my advantage and to the opponent’s disadvantage. The judge’s action wasn’t just an unconscious confirmation bias, it was blatant and premeditated falsification. Unorthodoxly, there was no court stenographer, nor digital recording, as far as I know.

The government had postponed the verdict to coincide with the global Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. All the borders in the world were closed. Media’s and people’s focus was entirely on the coronavirus outbreak. Thus no one in the world would notice Finland’s wrongdoings.

I appealed the ruling in its entirety, but the government nevertheless foreclosed the sentenced payments by distraint, in reality almost 200.000 Euro, in order to quickly deplete me and my wife of resources, and totally bankrupt us.

I belong to the Covid-19 high-risk group. Due to that and the lockdown, I couldn’t meet my lawyer, and the appeal had to be done in complete isolation. At that point I was in mental hypothermia, an almost painless stage, when you start to loose all the mental capabilities you need, in order to take the actions you need, in order to survive.

Unfortunately, this case is only the first, of several to come. It’s really eating away at my soul.

You know, I have worked in the District Court a few years myself, and written many judgments. I see the judge’s unethical and unlawful actions as an egregious case of Judicial Misconduct. The draconian judgment is not based on evidence or normal application of law. A judge should respect dignity and equality, and never lose sight of Human Rights norms and International law. Regardless of the case, the process must be fair, justice must be open and equal, rules and implementation easy to see and understand, and equally administered. The court’s conduct is illegal. It’s a travesty of justice. The court eagerly tries to fool everyone – by conveying a deceitful appearance of legality. Never forget that everything Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany was also considered ‘legal’ – and that Hitler obtained power democratically, and was elected, by a large majority of the population. We must learn from history and never allow such a thing to happen again.

The Secret Verdict is an unprecedented and barbaric ruling, without any transparency, accountability, evidence or logic, against the rule of law and international treaties and standards, at the full arbitrary discretion of a powerful sovereign state, in total secrecy, voiding Human Rights and Freedoms.

This is not what you would expect from Finland! This should not be possible!

This is coldblooded tyranny, Stalin reincarnated. The Finnish justice system is corrupt, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s the nature of a corrupt government that when they have the opportunity to do something in secret, that will always be their preference. The situation is unacceptable. There are no justifiable reasons for secrecy. A case about Free Speech, Media Freedom and Artists’ Rights, Freedoms and Copyright can never be resolved in secret tribunals. A fair and public trial is a basic Human Right, one of the cornerstones of our democratic society. Justice must be open, equal, impartial and based on the rule of law. National sovereignty cannot be a pretext for violating Human Rights and international responsibilities.

There is a clear discrepancy between political claims and actual rights and freedoms. The reality differs greatly from the myths. Finland has double standards. The hypocrisy is deliberate. The hypocritical Finland is quick to condemn others, but fails to practice what it preaches. It says one thing, but does another. What’s the point of having rights and freedoms if police, prosecutors, judges and citizens do not respect them in an equal way?

The system is groomed for tyranny. Power without transparency and accountability is tyranny. When the ruler condemns Free Speech, you are only hearing the words of a tyrant. The Finnish government and judiciary have lost their humanity, and they have become no better than a Mischief of Rats, covered in blood, dirt and excrement.

Focus on Finland’s clear violations!

The demands and expectations upon a state like Finland should be set extremely high. Finland is a role model. Finland has national and international responsibilities and obligations. Finland’s serious, gross and brutal violations of the most fundamental universal core principles are obviously intentional, calculated, premeditated and particularly blatant, and executed for maximal carnage.

Like a ravaging sado-narcissist, Finland provides evidence of its own wrongdoings. All the grave and clear violations of fundamental Human Rights, in the process and the rule of law, would be evidence enough to have them shamed, hanged, and excluded from the international community.

Just see what they will do next, in order to suppress Free Speech!


If I would be allowed to speak freely and show you my works, I would counter the lies with truth and evidence. A picture is worth a thousand words. Remove the secrecy and see what happens! Then you will see the Monstrosity of the State.

Free Speech and access to information are two sides of the same coin. By restricting my speech, they are restricting all thoughts. They have restricted Your knowledge and therefore restricted Your thoughts. They have restricted Your right to speak, think and question. Opinion is useless without proper information. The dialogue is gone. Laws become a dead letter. The society is no longer civilized. The democracy is dead.

Without Free Speech, the important dialogue, the combat of words, the most effective mechanism for discovering truth, exposing falsehood, resolving conflicts and holding power accountable – this is all gone, and we stop thinking. Even worse, we are so afraid to speak what we think, that we don’t even know what we think anymore, or how to think at all. The right to speak freely is actually the right to think.

Free Speech is the most fundamental right, of immense canonical value, the rule number one, the indispensable condition of nearly every other form of freedom. Without Free Speech all other rights and freedoms disappear and die, as we clearly see in my case. My rights, freedoms, liberties and legitimate interests are voided in total secrecy. My possessions are taken away from me.

This happened to me. This will happen to You! We must be awake and sharp, and fight this corruption with everything we have!

This letter is knowledge about action. You must be able to see beyond the shadows and lies of this nation. What Finland says, is not important, it is not real. See how they act, because that shows what they really believe. Let no one deceive you with empty words.


A state is legally bound to act in accordance with International Law, and follow any International Treaty it has signed and ratified. Obligations must be respected (pacta sunt servanda, Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties). This respect extends beyond the basic obligation to refrain from illegal conduct. States must exercise due diligence to ensure that violations do not take place (Common article 1 of the Geneva Conventions). The state has to take appropriate actions to prevent violations, and to punish the perpetrators. A state is responsible for all actions of its officials. The acts of state organs are clearly attributable to the state.

The fundamental principle of state responsibility provides that any state that violates its international obligations must be held accountable for its acts. The principle is binding upon all states. Domestic law cannot be used as a justification for a failure to meet an international responsibility.

A state that does not respect it’s international duties is obliged to immediately cease the unlawful conduct and offer appropriate guarantees that it will not repeat the illegal actions in the future. The state also has a responsibility to make full reparations for the injury caused, including both material and moral damages. Reparations can take the form of restitution, compensation, rehabilitation or satisfaction and should be proportionate to the damage caused.

Finland’s illegal actions and violations of international treaties are wilful and sanctioned by the highest order of command. Finland’s vicious acts constitute grave infringements of Human Rights and the value of humanness.

The President, the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice are all aware of the situation. The State is responsible for all governmental actions, and the ultimate responsibility is on the President and the Prime Minister.

Finland must immediately react and stop this unlawful behavior, restore the situation and repair the damage. Finland must in full transparency uncover and punish the perpetrators. All guilty of misconduct must be brought to justice and held publicly accountable. There must be consequences for wrongdoings. Ultimately, the judiciary is strengthened by heightened scrutiny.

Finland should create a Truth Commission, under international supervision.

If Finland does not adhere to its international responsibilities, the International Community should hold the leaders of the nation responsible.


The government has broken its constitutional promises, the very base for the government’s power. Thus, the government has illegitimized its own existence, practically committed suicide. The government has started a self-destructive war against their own population and core principles.

The constitution of Finland has supreme authority. The constitution is the highest norm and takes precedence over every domestic law. Since the government’s actions are unconstitutional, destroying the very foundation of all laws, all actions are subsequently illegal. The state harms itself. The government’s actions are equal to Treason, against the state itself. The constitution is a fundamental principle that cannot, under any circumstances, be broken. A government that violates its own constitution should resign immediately. People no longer have confidence in such a government.

It’s a national disgrace. Finland is on the road to becoming the North Korea of Europe. To my knowledge, both Finland and North Korea guarantee Free Speech and Media Freedom in their constitutions, but neither of them seems to keep their promises. The trend is exceedingly worrying, and lethal.

If the direction does not quickly change, and rapid measures to stop Finland’s violations are implemented, I demand that the President, Prime Minister and Government be removed from office, and that new elections be announced in the country.

Justice must be open to all. Deny this right and laws become a dead letter. Democratic elections become a meaningless charade. A government whose character is marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.


Finland is a small and isolated nation, and the Finnish language is an extremely difficult one, making information inaccessible to almost all foreign readers. It’s easy for Finland to misbehave and cover up. There are a lot of skeletons in the Finnish closet. From history You can learn that the theoretically civilised Finnish government always has had a proclivity for malevolence, tyranny, discrimination and history rewriting.

Here are some quick historical facts:

Firstly, there are no ethnic Finns, that’s just a governmental propaganda construction. Scientific DNA research indicates that the Finnish population is half of western origin (Scandinavians) and half of eastern origin (Russians). These people have then, to some extent, intermingled in a nationalistic isolation. The population is one of the world’s most remote and isolated, with minimal diversity, scientific evidence suggests. These facts contradict the official Finnish ethno-nationalistic views and history-writings, exposing them as lies and collective-narcissistic propaganda.

Before Finland’s birth in December 1917, the territory belonged to Russia for 108 years. Throughout the rest of the known history, about 600-700 years; this was Sweden, and before that, wilderness.

Finland’s first year of independence 1918 started with civil unrest and domestic mass executions, revengeful arbitrary killings without trials. A big part of the executed were women and children, the youngest being a 9 months old baby. About 40.000 people were killed in the atrocious acts that Finnish history books whitewashed as “Freedom War”. The ultimate killers, called nationalist “Whites”, were awarded as “War heroes”. This is the foundation for today’s power structure.

In 1938 the Finnish government sent the S/S Ariadne ship full of Jewish refugees back to Nazi-Germany to be killed, and then closed the border for all Jewish refugees. Finland had the moral and ethical responsibility, and possibility, to save not only these Jews, but thousands more, from a certain death. Finland concealed these facts. Kekkonen, the minister who gave those orders, was rewarded for “preserving the culture” and became president.

Let’s remember Arndt Pekurinen, the peaceful pacifist who refused to wear a uniform. He was persecuted and imprisoned for years. 60 British MPs and Albert Einstein, among others, asked the Finnish Government to free him, in an international petition. Pekurinen was vengefully executed without trial in 1941. There was no real investigation about the killing, and the person who gave the execution order was later rewarded with the Mannerheim Cross, the highest Finnish military honour (a swastika!). Finland covered up everything for over 50 years. Question the authority in Finland, and your head is chopped off.

Finland was the only democracy in the world to voluntarily join forces with Hitler’s Nazi-Germany, not because it had to, but because it wanted to. It was an awful act that showed what the government really believed in. Actions, not words, define what you believe. After losing the Winter War, Finland had peace with the Soviet Union, the threat of war was over. The Finnish government desired revenge, to restore ‘honour’, and made a Faustian bargain with Hitler. Finland destroyed the peace. The reckless act cost tens of thousands of lives and endangered Finland’s existence.

The Finnish government voluntarily gathered a Finnish Waffen-SS Nazi-battalion, of around 1500-3000 men, and sent them to fight with Hitler, in one of the most brutal and fanatical Nazi divisions, to commit atrocious crimes against humanity. Heinrich Himmler himself noted that the Finnish Nazi SS troops were among the best Nazi soldiers. In 1999 the Finnish government even honoured and commemorated their memory with a monument. One person’s war criminal is another person’s war hero.

The Finnish government handed over Jews to Nazi-Germany, many more than Finland officially has claimed. Finland covered up these facts for 50 years, by falsely stating the Jews were “war prisoners”.

Let’s remember the over 64.000 “non-Finns” that the Finnish government kept in horrendous concentration camps during the war. About a third died, of barbaric persecution and maltreatment. Victims have expressed that the Finns were much worse than the Nazis. Still today, Finland defends and legitimizes this ethnically based, sadistic genocide.

These are hard, brutal, and unbelievable facts. Facts that Finland systematically has hidden or falsified, national taboos.

You really shouldn’t trust the Finnish government. Be critical, skeptical and always assume they are distorting facts and hiding the truth. Finnish history is brief, only 102 years, but full of malevolence, lies, half-truths, distortions and cover-ups. Finnish history is never written in a neutral, objective way. Finnish history is always written as propaganda.

Finland controls the ‘truth’ and the ‘image’ like a Malignant Narcissist. They never change or learn from their mistakes – they cover them up and punish everyone that has another opinion. Consensus does not mean truth. Finland has an inferiority complex, is easily hurt, and restores ‘honour’ by malevolent revenge.

The future of a functioning democracy in Finland depends on complete transparency and accountability, as well as on International Justice.

What we learn from history is; There are Monsters in the Darkness.

Don’t let Finland do anything in secrecy! Secrecy is only needed to cover up atrocities, wrongdoings and malicious power abuse. When you remove Free Speech and transparency, the evil malevolence will quickly appear. A malevolent authority combined with a muted press and passive citizenry is a recipe for tyranny. Therefore it is of greatest importance to resist illegitimate authority, and to make people aware of the violations.

The solution is simple; We need sunshine on the darkness.

The most patriotic thing You can do, is to fight injustice and corruption of your state. It’s every individual’s moral duty and responsibility to protest unlawful actions and expose the corruption. Everything begins with the individual. We must speak truth to power when the government tramples on our constitutional rights and freedoms. The responsibility is upon us. You and me. I want You to be concerned about Your freedoms. Unless we are vigilant in protecting our rights and freedoms, they will be taken from us.


Historically, Artists have pushed the boundaries of society. The collision between Art and a social system is always a collision of freedom against repression; a combat between truth and lies.

As a wise Royal once expressed to me; “Never make an Artist the enemy”.

The essence of totalitarian power is to suppress human souls. Art is Freedom. Artists are liberating other souls with freedom and truth. One true Artist is thus more dangerous to a totalitarian regime than any political adversary. Art is a direct challenge to lies, and hostile to the system on which power is based. Artists speak truth to power.

Art is dangerous and often offensive. Artists are here to disturb the peace and the consensus. Artists are troublemakers who reflect, reconstruct, rethink, and reinvent the existing social order and its conditions. Art raises uncomfortable questions. Art is a tool for protest and social critique. Art is a tool to expose lies and point out the hypocrisy. Art is a language to speak against oppression and persisting inequalities. Art inspires change. Artists are nonconformists who bring forth the new ideas and creations. Artists lead and stand up, when no one else dares to.

Art is the Lion, never to be caged.

Never underestimate the power of Art. Art is such a strong force and complex and diverse philosophical matter that it can’t be brushed away on a whim. Art can not be curbed. Art can not be defined. Art has no limits. Art Freedom has no limits. There are no rules or boundaries in Art. In Art, anything is possible. No government can enforce subjective limits on such a grand and universal thing as Art.

Art is a priceless creative expression and needs no justification, value or explanation. Art is a means to knowledge and truth, what simply is. Art is the avenue to the highest knowledge available to humans, and to a kind of knowledge impossible of attainment by any other means.

Art is the pursuit of excellence. Art is communication. Art is for sharing. Art is held to reflect the inner state of the Artist and is shaped by the intentions of the Artist.

Instead of making the Artist the scapegoat for problems in society, we should change the society and foster a fair, innovative, supportive and open culture that embraces diversity, champions inclusivity and treats everyone with respect. We must strive to make the world a better place, and our nation a better nation.

Finland must take genuine and immediate steps to change the future. We need several reforms. I have expressed some short conceptual ideas for ‘police reform’, ‘judicial reform’, ‘copyright reform’, ‘school reform’, ‘history reform’ and ‘redefining corruption’ (see APPENDIX B). I also call for a determined revolution against absolute narcissism. If I survive, I will continue to work on my “Une très belle révolution – A very Beautiful Revolution” concept.


This was chapter one. The next chapter we hopefully write together.

I pledge to continue taking this fight with the monster, as nobly as I can, as long as I live, with everything I have, and everything I am, so help me God.

My wife and I pledged years ago, to give away everything we have, to charity and philanthropic causes, upon our deaths. Six international aid organisations are stated in our wills, with the focus being on releasing children from poverty in Africa (my wife and I have for years sponsored eight kids through child sponsorship programs, seven kids in Africa and one in South America).

I write a lot about narcissism. My wife is a survivor of narcissistic abuse in her family. That has given me the framework to detect and confront narcissists with almost surgical precision. I’m a free spirit, allergic to narcissism. It’s nothing personal – I fight all absolute narcissism in the world, both individual and collective. I find it very important to open people’s eyes to this common but extremely dangerous disorder. Knowledge empowers you, and disarms the abusers. I use the term sado-narcissism as a practical metaphor for evil, unspeakable malevolence and hatred. Another malevolence would be racism. These both are global pandemics poisoning society.

Narcissists are corrupt monsters attracted to power (like piranhas to the smell of blood). They feed on control and dominance, but hate the truth. Narcissism is a spreading Cancer – infiltrating and destroying our society. It’s murderous for Free Speech and Media Freedom. It’s disastrous for justice and equality. It’s catastrophic for democracy. Soon, with all technical advances and AI, we are completely dominated. People, wake up before it’s too late!

You don’t want narcissists in power, no more than you want child molesters in Kindergarten.

It’s more efficient to fight something you can define and identify, and the earlier we fight it, the better (like with Cancer). Narcissism is still a taboo, and even psychologists struggle with the matter, giving narcissists a carte blanche.

Add my name to the list demanding Freedom for Julian Assange. Hanging Assange is hanging Media Freedom, changing Freedom to Fear. Regardless of personal opinions or beliefs You should always furiously protest injustice and oppression. Your silence is loudly defending the oppressors and their wrongdoings.

Lastly, when I’m trying to find the right words to end this already too long letter, and at the same time would like to express my solidarity with the Black community’s fight for social justice, I can’t think of any words greater (with tears streaming down my cheeks, every time I read it) than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s powerful last words, in his last speech, at the Bishop Charles Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee, April 3, 1968. King’s words express exactly how I feel right now, and we know how this will end.

On the following day, King was assassinated:

“Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the promised land. And I’m happy tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”



I depend on You to actively share this Legacy, as I may not have the skill, nor opportunity, to do it.
Please repost this letter (or parts of it) if You can, so that it won’t disappear!

We need an international outcry. Additional Actions you can take today:

Share. Tweet. Forward. Call. Write. Blog. Vlog. Publish. Talk. Tell. Shout. Pray. Push. Protest. Demand. Defend. Distribute. Document. Report. Advocate. Support. E-mail. Send letters. Start petitions. Collect signatures. Create Facebook-groups. Be creative.

Shame the Finnish government! Use the hashtags #FreeSpeech #ShameFinland

If you want to, please refer to my blog:

Create Wikipedia pages in different languages, and fight to keep them updated with truthful information.

Send a strong message to:
The President of Finland (Suomen Presidentti / Finlands President)
The Prime Minister of Finland (Suomen pääministeri / Finlands Statsminister)

The Minister of Justice (Oikeusministeri / Justitieminister),
The Ministry of Justice (Oikeusministeriö / Justitieministeriet),
The Ministry of the Interior (Sisäministeriö / Inrikesministeriet)
The Ministry of Education and Culture (Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö / Undervisnings- och kulturministeriet)
The Finnish Government (Suomen valtioneuvosto / Finlands Regering)
The Finnish Parliament (Suomen eduskunta / Finlands Riksdag)
& every member of the Finnish Parliament
The Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland (Oikeusasiamies / Justitieombudsman)
The Chancellor of Justice in Finland (Oikeuskansleri / Justitiekansler)
Prosecutor General of Finland (Valtakunnansyyttäjä / Riksåklagare)
All Finnish embassies and consulates around the world
Other Government officials and politicians

Address the alarming situation! Demand full transparency! Demand Finland to immediately bring its actions into compliance with international Human Rights standards, as well as all other national and international standards. Condemn the secrecy, oppression and power abuse, and call on the government to hold those responsible to account! Request that the Finnish state guarantees and protects the individual health and safety for me and my wife.

Please ask the Parliaments and Leaders of the other Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland) and all the other European countries to put pressure on Finland.

Alert the Media:
Send this letter to all journalists and reporters. Ask them to write, research, monitor and report!
Newspapers, TV, Radio, News websites, influencers, whoever you can think of!

Please inform, raise awareness and ask for support:
The European Parliament & Members of the European Parliament
The European Commission & Members of the Commission
The European Council (of Heads of Government)
The Council of the European Union
Court of Justice of the European Union

United Nations
UN working group on arbitrary detention (UNWGAD)
The UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights
The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of expression and opinion

Nordic co-operation (Pohjoismainen yhteistyö / Nordiskt samarbete)
The Nordic Council of Ministers (Pohjoismaiden ministerineuvosto / Nordiska ministerrådet)
The Nordic Council (Pohjoismaiden neuvosto / Nordiska rådet)

Free Speech – activists, watchdogs, defenders, experts and advocacy groups
Human Rights – experts, activists, watchdogs, defenders and advocacy groups
Media Freedom – activists, watchdogs, defenders, experts and advocacy groups
Organisations and advocacy groups fighting corruption, injustice and government abuse

Every Artist, Photographer and Creator in the world

Artist associations and organisations
Art Freedom defenders, activists and experts
Art museums and institutions
Creative Organisations
Copyright organisations, Anti-piracy organisations, Anti-copyright organisations, politicians and activists
Attorneys, Lawyers

Intelligentsia & Intellectuals, Professors, Academics, Writers, Teachers, Experts, Researchers, Universities, Opinion setters, Trendsetters

Share this letter, and information, with as many as possible! Thank you!


If you are a Legal Expert, experienced in these matters, consider supporting the cause in whatever way you can.



Finland must take genuine and immediate steps to change the future. We need several reforms. Here are some conceptual ideas, please take them and make them your own:

  1. Redefine corruption, widen the understanding

Corruption is more than bribes. Narcissists, psychopaths, nationalists, racists, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, freemasons, political networks, feminist networks, personal networks etc also corrupt the system, likely without bribes, often with manipulation, peer pressure, or even sex.

The hidden corruption is not invisible; it can be seen, it can be heard, it can be felt.

Create a framework to reveal and dismantle Narcissists and Psychopaths. They have a disorder. They are by nature corrupt and immoral people. They are all evil and selfish, and attracted to power. Some are devilish. Some are even worse. They are everywhere. They are easy to detect, once you know how they function. Realise the risks that they pose to society, democracy and justice. Narcissists, and their harems of flying monkeys, are at least as dangerous to the society as a person accepting bribes. Educate yourself. Sado-narcissism can be individual or collective, like a malevolent mentality or demon.

  1. Police Reform

Finland is a totalitarian police state in camouflage. A nation with 5.5 million policepersons does not need a police force. Kill the police force.

The police is practically a government-funded nationalist-fascist terrorist organisation. Their modus operandi attacks the equal and democratic society. Research indicates astonishing similarities between police officers and violent gang members. The police has far too much power and funds. Remove power. Remove rights. Remove immunity. Remove funds. Remove secrecy. Remove loopholes. Remove exceptions. Remove discretion. Remove their right to lie. Remove racists and nationalists.

Finland is bilingual. The police in Finland should be able to speak both Swedish and Finnish. Remove those who can’t speak Swedish, that will automatically remove most of the racists (everyone in Finland has to learn Swedish in school, the racists choose “not to be taught”, so language skill can indicate character).

The police cannot police itself. Create another independent and transparent organ, that monitors the activities of the police, with a genuine interest to uncover and punish wrongdoings. Remove politicians defending the corrupt police.

Cut down the police force by 70% to start with. Cut their budget with 80%. Abolish police in the long run, 10-15 years.

  1. Judicial Reform

The system needs a complete overhaul (a revolution). Remove narcissistic judges. Remove possibility to secrecy. Remove loopholes and vague laws. Remove exceptions. No discretion to be allowed in secrecy, ever. There are too many laws and rules, life gets too complicated. Simplify. Skip. Legalise. Remove criminal defamation laws. Abolish copyright. Less restrictions and more rights, freedoms and liberties.

This is obviously oversimplifying things, but the matter is so colossal and complex that I cannot delve deeper into it here.

  1. School Reform

Educate strong, open-minded, tolerant, creative, independent, critically thinking individuals instead of bullied sheep. Foster understanding, empathy and compassion. Everything starts with the children. They are our future. The current system, the nationalist indoctrination machine, is a prison for kids, molding mediocre conformists, full of fear and hate. Teach every little kid the framework to reveal and dismantle Narcissists and Psychopath bullies. That could really change many peoples lives. Teach the kids psychology and philosophy. And teach them the importance of composting.

I was educated in a small school. We were always less than 10 pupils in the whole school. My sister wrote her Doctoral Thesis about the advantages of small schools. I believe she made a good point. The school should create intelligent individuals with a character. Everything starts with the individual.

I have a crazy suggestion: triple the amount of teachers, by “importing” new open-minded teachers from all over the world, preferably from countries that are in need of aid. That could change the mentality in Finland quite quickly, and foster a tolerant, open-minded, compassionate generation. Take the funds from the police.

  1. Copyright Reform

Copyright does not enrich the culture. Copyright restricts the culture, reduces competition and monopolizes information, making the society poor and incapacitated. Copyright even damages creativity.

It’s time to abolish the copyright, as we know it. The government’s actions clearly show, what most people already know, that copyright is not for the Artist or Creator. It’s just an unfair power mechanism, a monopoly for the elite’s selfish interests. We see how the police and court refuse to enforce the law equally, to the disadvantage of the Artist and Creator.

This case, and the upcoming cases, will be a Copyright-Killer, in the name of equality before the law. The government is constructing a huge atomic-copyright-bomb, with enough fire power to blow up the whole industry, and they have made me the missile, to deliver it. I’m now equipped with unique knowledge, that is admissible in any court proceedings. We are all in the same boat. The government may rely on secrecy for now, but the truth will prevail. They cannot gaslight reality. The best thing is – most of the work to sabotage copyright was done by the industry’s own attorney. The moment of Truth will come.

  1. History Reform

Finnish history writing is merely propaganda. Expose and correct it. Put the cards on the table. Put the past behind you, but learn from history. Less self-deception. Less hypocrisy. More self-knowledge. Accept the true history. Accept the truth. A fake nation is a weak nation. A nation living in a lie will continue to lie and be miserable.

Une très belle révolution – A very Beautiful Revolution

This concept is something I’ve worked on for a decade (and I’m not done yet). It’s revolutionary and visionary. It’s innovation and change. It’s ahead of its time.

It begins when it’s time.


My correspondence with the President of Finland

On 10 May 2014 I sent the following letter to Sauli Niinistö, the President of Finland.

The letter concerns the unfair police investigation that started 2014 and ultimately led to the secret trial in 2019-2020. My valid complaints, made on 5 December 2013, were completely covered up and classified by the government, while my opponents retaliative and fraudulent complaints, from March 2014, were speedily processed and then turned into a lengthy and prolonged investigation.

The letter is translated from Swedish to English. The original version can be found below the President’s reply letter. I sent a similar letter to the Prime Minister as well. Both the President and Prime Minister should be held accountable for Finlands grave and wilful violations, as they ignore Finlands constitution and legally binding international agreements.

To: The President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö



Honorable President,

I would like to draw the President’s attention to the fact that the police and prosecuting authorities in Finland are violating the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression and the freedom of art, and that the authority clearly discriminates against me and violates my artistic identity. The state must stop it immediately. The freedom of art, freedom of expression and the right to equal treatment are inviolable values ​​in a democratic society. They are also part of fundamental human rights and cultural rights (UN).

The European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights always reprimand states that violate freedom of expression: The European Court of Human Rights has stressed on numerous occasions that freedom of expression constitutes “one of the essential foundations of [a democratic] society”, and that it is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favorably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population ”.

As President, you should have a strong interest in upholding the rule of law and democratic freedoms and rights in accordance with the Constitution and international obligations and treaties.

I have asked the Parliament’s Ombudsman for Justice to urgently examine and reprimand the authority (dnr. 1031). I also call on the President to reprimand the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to emphasize the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Finnish Constitution. The state must maintain a zero-tolerance line against crimes that jeopardise freedom of expression and the freedom of art in Finland, and especially when the crimes are committed by an authority or with the help of an authority.

The case also highlights corruption and abuse in Finnish society. The police authority discriminates against me and violates my rights and freedoms, at the same time as the authority clearly gives special treatment to the parties who for years have oppressed and exploited me. The authority abuses public funds to favour its friends and silence me.

My life is shattered and I went to the police to seek help, but the police have allied themselves with those who oppress me and only further offend me. I feel terribly ill. I do not seem to have any freedoms, rights, human dignity or legal protection in Finland at all. Nor does my property seem to have any protection. It feels as if Finland only wants to eradicate and destroy me and my art.

To your knowledge, the police authority’s discrimination against me already began with the police not wanting to receive or process my reports because I spoke Swedish.

My complaints are factual and well-founded and highlight significant irregularities in society. The reports concern violations of freedom of expression, freedom of art but also significant property violations against me. According to the law, as an author I have the exclusive right to decide over my works and their use.

The authority should put the preliminary investigation measures in order of priority. Freedom of art and freedom of expression do not seem to be a matter of concern to the authority. Alternatively, it is a matter of urgency, but the authority openly discriminates against me and considers that the statutory freedoms and rights do not apply to me and my artistic creation. The authority does not respect my artistic creation nor my artistic identity.

I am discriminated against for my art. The President must respond to this fact and immediately correct the direction. All forms of discrimination, injustice, intolerance, oppression and corruption in society must be combated by all means.

This is an important political issue. I want to highlight it to the highest national level before moving on to the international level.

The authorities must also have an absolute accountability for how they prioritise and how they use public funds.

This is not about my personal interests, but about the most basic principles of any democratic society. We must protect the freedom of art and the right to express ourselves. Without that freedom, there is no art or democracy.

Whenever someone tries to violate an artist’s freedoms and rights, it usually starts with the statement “this is not art”. You should call things by their proper names. There can be no doubt that the case concerns my activities as an artist; my artistic creation, my art, my artistic identity and my artistic works. My art form is internationally recognized.

It is not the authority’s responsibility to take a stand for or against my art. It is the duty of the authorities not to interfere in artistic activities (production, distribution or reception of art). It is the duty of the authorities to protect the freedom of art against all attempts at violation. It is the duty of the authorities to promote art and artistic creation.

According to Finnish law, all art is worthy of protection. The case law is that art is so extremely important to society that it must be carried out unhindered. It is thus the duty of the authorities to secure my artistic creation and to protect the public performance of my creation. The President must demand that the police and prosecutor’s office also comply with the law in the cases that concern me.

Yours sincerely,
The artist Henrik Karlberg

+ Addendum in English:

The Finnish authorities need to adopt a zero tolerance policy against the abuse of the freedoms and rights of artists who seek only to exercise their legal rights.

The Finnish state must take responsibility for the protection of artists and of artistic freedoms and clearly provide support to artists at risk. Today art is suppressed through the high pressure tactics of special interest groups who consider their own sentiments more valid than artistic freedom and freedom of speech. Certainly this issue must be recognized as a political and social justice issue. It is a question of inequality, discrimination and corruption combined with a widespread intolerance in the Finnish society. It is in our common interest as human beings to ensure that every artist has the right and freedom to speak out. The artist Henrik Karlberg wishes to remind the Finnish government about their obligations to respect, protect and fulfil this right. Finland must adhere to international rights standards in a transparent and accountable way.

The Finnish authorities need to adopt a zero tolerance policy against the abuse of the freedoms and rights of artists who seek only to exercise their legal rights. The artistic freedom, the freedom of expression and the right to property are constitutional and it is essential for the Finnish government to demonstrate a strong commitment to the defence of these rights and freedoms in Finland.

Henrik Karlberg,

The President’s reply letter, English translation:

Best Henrik Karlberg,

The President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö has received your letter.

Within the framework of his constitutional powers, the President of the Republic shall do his utmost to promote greater security, equality and justice.

With kind regards

Minna Hulkkonen
Adviser to the President of the Republic

Office of the President of the Republic 4.6.2014

Here is my Original Letter in Swedish (my native language):

Konstnären Henrik Karlberg

Republikens President Sauli Niinistö



Ärade President,

Jag vill uppmärksamma Presidenten på att polis- och åklagarmyndigheterna i Finland kränker den grundlagstryggade yttrandefriheten och konstens frihet samt att myndigheten tydligt diskriminerar mig och kränker min konstnärliga egenart. Staten måste omedelbart sätta stopp för det. Konstens frihet, yttrandefriheten och rätten till likabehandling är okränkbara värden i ett demokratiskt samhälle. De är också en del av de grundläggande mänskliga rättigheterna samt kulturella rättigheterna (FN). EU-parlamentet och Europadomstolen för mänskliga rättigheter tillrättavisar alltid stater som kränker yttrandefriheten: The European Court of Human Rights has stressed on numerous occasions that freedom of expression constitutes “one of the essential foundations of [a democratic] society”, and that “it is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive or as a matter of indifference, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population”.

Som President bör Ni ha ett stort intresse för att rättsstaten och de demokratiska fri- och rättigheterna upprätthålls i enlighet med grundlagen samt internationella förpliktelser och fördrag.

Jag har bett att Riksdagens Justitieombudsman brådskande skall granska och tillrättavisa myndigheten (dnr. 1031). Jag uppmanar också Presidenten att tillrättavisa polis- och åklagarmyndigheten och framhäva friheterna och rättigheterna som tryggas av Finlands grundlag. Staten måste hålla en nolltoleranslinje mot brott som äventyrar yttrandefriheten och konstens frihet i Finland, och speciellt när brotten utförs av myndighet eller med medhjälp av myndighet.

Ärendet för också fram korruption och övergrepp i det finska samhället. Polismyndigheten diskriminerar mig och kränker mina fri- och rättigheter, samtidigt som myndigheten tydligt särbehandlar de parter som under åratal förtryckt och utnyttjat mig. Myndigheten missbrukar allmänna medel till att favorisera sina vänner och tysta ner mig. Mitt liv är slaget i spillror och jag gick till polisen för att söka hjälp, men polisen har allierat sig med dem som förtrycker mig och bara kränker mig ytterligare. Jag mår fruktansvärt dåligt. Jag verkar inte alls ha några friheter, rättigheter, människovärde eller rättsskydd i Finland. Inte heller min egendom verkar ha något skydd. Det känns som om Finland endast vill utrota och förgöra mig och min konst.

Till Er kännedom så började polismyndighetens diskriminering av mig redan med att polisen inte ville ta emot eller behandla mina anmälningar för att jag talade svenska. Mina anmälningar är sakliga och välgrundade och för fram betydande oegentligheter i samhället. Anmälningarna gäller brott mot yttrandefriheten, konstens frihet men också betydande egendomsbrott mot mig. Enligt lagen har jag som upphovsman ensamrätt att bestämma över mina verk och deras användning. Myndigheten borde ställa förundersökningsåtgärderna i angelägenhetsordning. Konstens frihet och yttrandefriheten verkar inte vara en angelägen sak för myndigheten. Alternativt är det en angelägen sak men myndigheten diskriminerar mig öppet och anser att de lagstadgade fri- och rättigheterna inte gäller mig och mitt konstnärliga skapande. Myndigheten respekterar inte mitt konstnärliga skapande och inte heller min konstnärliga egenart. Jag diskrimineras för min konst. Presidenten måste reagera på detta faktum och omedelbart korrigera riktningen. All form av diskriminering, särbehandling, orättvisa, intolerans, förtryck och korruption i samhället måste bekämpas med alla medel. Det här är en viktig politisk fråga. Jag vill lyfta fram den till högsta nationella nivå innan jag går vidare till internationell nivå. Myndigheterna måste också ha absolut redovisningsplikt över hur de prioriterar och hur de använder allmänna medel. Det här är inte fråga om mina personliga intressen utan om de mest grundläggande principerna i varje demokratiskt samhälle. Vi måste värna om konstens frihet och rätten att uttrycka sig. Utan den friheten så finns det ingen konst eller demokrati.

Alltid när någon försöker kränka en konstnärs fri- och rättigheter brukar det börja med påståendet ”det här är inte konst”. Man bör kalla saker och ting vid deras rätta namn. Det kan inte råda något tvivel om att ärendet gäller min verksamhet som konstnär; mitt konstnärliga skapande, min konst, min konstnärliga egenart och mina konstnärliga verk. Min konstform är internationellt erkänd. Det är inte myndighetens sak att ta ställning för eller emot min konst. Det är myndigheternas plikt att inte ingripa i konstnärlig verksamhet (produktion, distribution eller mottagning av konst). Det är myndigheternas plikt att skydda konstens frihet gentemot alla kränkningsförsök. Det är myndigheternas plikt att främja konsten och det konstnärliga skapandet. Enligt finsk lag är all konst skyddsvärd. Rättspraxis är att konsten är så oerhört viktig för samhället att den måste få genomföras obehindrat. Det är alltså myndigheternas plikt att trygga mitt konstnärliga skapande samt skydda det offentliga framförandet av mitt skapande. Presidenten måste kräva att polis- och åklagarmyndigheten också följer lagen i de ärenden som berör mig.

Konstnären Henrik Karlberg